Oil Change Service Available at Our Dealership in Rockwall

At Southwest Kia of Rockwall, getting the right auto services for your vehicle is a must. This includes oil changes, and with our dealership, you can easily schedule a service appointment with us and we'd be happy to get started and help you know when to get oil changes, and why it's important.

When Should You Change Your Oil?

Being on a schedule for oil changes is always a good idea, and we can help you set up service reminders if you're a repeat customer via email or other communication methods. With newer vehicles, you can usually go around 6,000 miles between needing oil changes, especially when serviced with synthetic oil, which we do here. Some might have the ability to go longer between changes, but sticking to every 6,000 miles is a good rule to consider and can help keep your vehicle healthy and out on the road.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

You want an engine that runs smoothly and cleanly, which is what an oil change is able to help your car or SUV. Over time, there is going to be build-up in your engine components that help move your vehicle, and that can create sluggish performance along with causing other issues that aren't good for your vehicle. An oil change takes out the current oil, and puts in clean oil, which is able to work better at smoothly operating your engine and keeping all the parts operating it clean. If you don't change your oil it can cause damage to the engine and costly repairs as well as negatively impact vehicle performance and efficiency as you could experience everything from loud and noisy engines to a vehicle that will start shaking when idle.

Change Your Oil at Our Dealership

Getting your oil changed at the dealership makes a lot of difference. You can be assured that with Kia vehicles, or all makes and models that you have a trusted team making the right repairs and using the right engine oil designed for your vehicle. We can help you set a schedule, but also have many service specials which includes oil change specials so you get the chance to save too.

We're here to have your back throughout the process, and you can count on our team to deliver for all your service needs, especially the routine ones.

Schedule an Oil Change Today

At Southwest Kia of Rockwall, our service center would be happy to provide more details and information for you regarding all the services we provide, especially oil changes. You can make an appointment and we can have your vehicle in and get you an oil change and have you on your way toward enjoying many quality years of driving, which a regular oil change will help you with!