Oil changes, brake services, battery inspections, tire rotations, and coolant system flushes are all vital services for every vehicle that is on the road. Most folks understand that these routine auto services are required to ensure that the great performance that they enjoy continues. Our dealership knows that some folks run into the issue of not having the time in their busy day to call one of our service advisors to schedule a service visit. Since we know that neglected maintenance can lead to costly car repairs, we have given folks another way to schedule their appointments. At Southwest Kia of Rockwall, located at 1790 I-30 Frontage Road in Rockwall, TX, you can schedule your service online.

Scheduling Service Online is Convenient

One of the main advantages of scheduling your car maintenance online is that it makes taking care of your vehicle's health more convenient. If you lead a busy life, it might not be easy to take a break during your day to call one of our friendly service advisors. With our online scheduling tool, you don't need to worry about business hours.

You can use the online scheduling tool to make a service appointment at any point in the day or evening that is convenient for you. It gives you access 24/7, so it doesn't matter if your are an early bird or a night owl. Also, anyone who prefers to do all of their scheduling online will be pleased with this option.

Scheduling Service Online is Easy

Some folks may have reservations about using an online scheduling tool because they might fear that it would be difficult to use. Fortunately, that is not the case with the scheduling system at Southwest Kia of Rockwall. You can use it and have your car scheduled for a service visit in a matter of minutes.

The tool will ask you some questions about your car, as well as about the services it might need. You can tell us all about a sound or smell that you want us to investigate. Next, you can schedule a day and time that fits into your busy lifestyle. Once you submit your appointment request, a service advisor from our dealership will contact you to go over the details.

Go online and schedule your service visit today, so Southwest Kia of Rockwall, in Rockwall, TX, can show you how easy it can be to take care of your vehicle's needs.

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